Through the following blogs and multimedia features, we urge you to share the good news, activate solutions and empower healthy living among older adults.


Short for “web log”, a blog refers to a place on the web where someone (or some organization) shares (or “posts”) information, opinions, stories, insights, musings –ANYTHING for others to see. It’s that simple! We’ve decided that a blog is a fantastic way to educate our communities, support our friends and families and destigmatize behavioral health issues.

What is Behavioral Health?

There are many, MANY, physical, chemical, emotional, environmental, developmental influences that literally change the way a brain functions. When a brain isn’t functioning to its usual or optimal levels, we notice it through behavior. As an x-ray can show problems with a bone, behavior can show problems with a brain. Brain injury, dementia, mental illness, substance use problems and medication side effects show themselves through behavior. We like the term “behavioral health” because it is more inclusive and practical.

Why Blog on Behavioral Health?

We live in an age where science and technology have given us an unprecedented ability to interpret the workings of our most amazing organ of the body – our brain. Similarly, we understand the aging process like never before.

The physical and common psychosocial experiences associated with aging have huge implications for late life brain and behavioral health. The Mental Health Association of Maryland is excited to share emerging information so that we can destigmatize behavioral health problems, promote community support and facilitate positive behavioral health in late life.


  • The Learning Community blog is designed to present different perspectives on behavioral health with featured, articles, research, program ideas, news and links to resources for further study or information. The Learning Community is designed to benefit professionals and the public.
  • Aging and Behavioral Health Initiatives is a place where we aim to bring you into the loop of policy and reform initiatives in Maryland. This section recognizes that we live in a time of enormous change and challenge as it relates to aging, health care and the crossover issues of behavioral health. If you’ve managed to understand this page so far, we hope that you’ll give this blog a try – don’t let the complexity of the issues keep you out of the conversation! Your voice is needed at the tables where important decisions are being made that stand to impact ALL OF US as we grow older.
  • Seniors Speak is an online community dedicated to wellness for older adults. This is a place where people can share inspiration, courage, growth, challenge, wisdom, vitality and all those other words we can use to describe life’s journey! Whether they are stories, opinions, poems, pieces of advice or questions, we will do our best to give seniors a place to safely share and learn from each other.
  • The Audio/Video section of this site brings education beyond the printed word. Lessons and material may be best communicated through some of the rich video and audio resources that are shared by others on the internet. We hope you enjoy these podcasts, YouTube videos and other media links on multiple topics related to mental health and aging.